Financially compare job offers

March 24th 2021

Registration can be done via the following link:

Hopefully the Jobfair was a succes for you and you are now receiving mails and contracts, but how do you compare those to each other. Our speaker, Robrecht Paternoster, will try to help you with this during his presentation.

During this presentation, Mr. Paternoster will discuss several topics based on his personal experience, which may be particularly interesting for final year students who compare their first job offers or recent graduates who think about a change of employer.

Topics that will be discussed include :

  • What should always be included in your salary package?

  • What are the implications of the gap between employer cost and net pay?

  • Extra-legal advantages

  • When is a salary of 3000 € worth less than 2500 € + extra-legal advantages?

  • Salary negotiations.

  • ...