What do we do?

The Career Development Team of the Polytechnishe Kring organizes several events to prepare you for finding your first job as an engineer!

This academic year, we will organise the following events:

  • How to make a CV: October 2022

  • Mock-up interviews & Speed dating: November 2022

  • Ir. Jobfair: February/March 2023

  • Financially compare job offers: March/April 2023

  • Introduction to the art of communication: May 2023

Ir. Jobfair

The Ir. JobFair 2023 will take place in February/March 2023. As we want to provide the same quality as the previous years, the exact date is still under discussion with our venue.
In case of questions or problems, please contact us.

The attending companies to our Ir. Jobfair can be found at the jobfair section on this site.

CV Upload

If you want to add your CV to our database that we provide to our partners, you can fill in the Form. This form will become available later this year.

! Only use our CV template, other templates will not be added to our CV booklet for the participating companies at the ir. JobFair !

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!