Other PK activities

If you are interested in one of our events or services or if you want extra information, do not hesitate to contact us!

Services to students

Every 2 years the CERN Visit is organised. 100 students of the Engineering faculty and Sciences & Bio-Engineering Sciences faculty go on a multi-day visit to Geneva.

Brand awareness possibilities:

  • Logo on flyers and posters

  • Logo on ticket payment page

Every year over 500 books are sold to engineering students via the PK Course Service.

Brand awareness possibilities:

  • Logo on cover of course materials

  • Advertisement in course materials

The Next Gen: Wedstrijd voor toekomstige ingenieursstudenten

PK together with the Engineering Faculty and BrEA proudly present our new contest 'The Next Gen'.

The contest is designed for future engineering students. Participants can show their engineering skills and compete to win one year of free tuition.

Topic 2021: Renewable Energy

If you want to provide us with the next ‘challenge’ for our future students, or would you like some brand awareness with this event, contact us!


The Polytechnische Kring organizes some of the biggest parties at the VUB!

  • Retro Night: the opening party

  • Kerst TD: closing party Semester 1

  • PK 55th Anniversary TD: closing party Semester 2

But also our Summer BBQ is a potential event to gain brand awareness to students, alumni and staff of the faculty of Engineering.

Sport activities

PK is the head organizer of '12h run' and 'Swimming marathon'.

Every Wednesday PK organizes sport activities open for all Engineering students.

PK participates in the 'Sporttrofee', a competition between different student associations at the VUB.

Brand awareness possibilities:

  • Logo on our sport outfits

  • Logo on posters and flyers of events

  • Banners or other promotion possibilities at 12h run